Is it THAT bad?

Uh…. yes.  Online dating is that bad and for some reason the convicts seem to be the main ones looking for love.

Check the background and I dare anyone to tell me this dude isn’t missing his shoelaces, is making license plates, or has swapped phone time for the Internet.


This one too and I think it was the door and what is likely wiring for an alarm that gave him away:


And last but not least, this poor sap who didn’t get the memo about the pose. His dumb ass must have forgotten this wasn’t the new mugshot moment:


Until there’s a cure…

Carmen Jones

4 thoughts on “Is it THAT bad?

  1. And this is what our TAX, our hard earned TAX dollars are paying for? I do not care if it is a free dating service, or not. They should NOT have access to dating sites.

  2. I think these brothers have things twisted because if you’re locked up the last thing and I do mean the last thing you should be thinking about is setting up a profile. Incredible waste of time and taxpayer money. Losers!!!!!!

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