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The Retards of Online Dating


How do you respond to a dude who’s photos shows a money struggle between bills, weed and women and if you think this photo is bad, just imagine what his dating profile says.

I normally ignore messages from ingrates like this (using the Urban Dictionary meaning here), but sometimes I really want to message EXACT what I am thinking and feel.

The Inland Empire (San Bernardino,  Riverside) area seems to be breeding a special kind of loser  because this happens to be the fourth of his kind that has reached out to me this week.

Sometimes I really wonder if breaking up with any of my ex’s was such a good idea because for anyone thinking the single life is fun and dating is “cool”, I’ve got about 20 pages on this blog that might  encourage you to think about working that shit out with the man or woman you’re with.  Damn, it seems like they’re getting worse.

Until there’s a cure….

Carmen Jones

7 thoughts on “The Retards of Online Dating

  1. This can’t be real…. if someone actually posted this you need to run from that dating site like there’s no tomorrow. Ghetto mess.

    1. Oh yes, it is quite real and while this site probably offers the higher number of substandard prospects, nearly all of the sites have them. I think it’s a demographic issue and some are worse than others.

    1. I always wonder about that – if men can keep dumb shit on their profiles because they’re getting some kind of play. It’s too bad some of them are dumb enough to think sleazy or ignorant profile messages are lady catchers.

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