THIS is Why I'm Single!

Date night with a….


first time“Que paso con su ponchito?”

Some of my friends just sit back and read about my dating dilemmas, while others try coming up with a fix.

So when my good friend Estelle asked during lunch “What’s up with my man”, then suggested I finally step out of the dating box and go out with the Hispanic guy, I said sure.

This one has reached out to me twice before, but each time I dropped off.  While it’s no secret that I’ve dating nothing but black men, that wasn’t the reason why he never made it past past a telephone call or two.

No specific reason,  just never piqued my interest so on a whim here I am waiting to meet him.  It’ll be interesting to see if he’s true to his roots or if he’s a watered down version of a black man.

Does it matter that he picked one of the most popular places in the South Bay frequented by the brothas? :

Well…here goes nothing.

Until there’s a cure…

Carmen Jones

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