THIS is Why I'm Single!

A Different Kind of Infidelity: Cyber Cheating (Part 1 of 2)

Sometimes I find myself wondering about this prolonged status as a single woman, wondering if the level of scrutiny and skepticism placed upon men I have encountered has been a little too much.

While chatting with a long-time friend about this, I was reminded of all of the ridiculous experiences from my past, particularly the level of patience exhibited when dealing with one of my ex-boyfriends.

In what seemed like the longest relationship of my life (lasted just 8 months), I had endured everything from bipolar mood swings, emotional boxing matches, compulsive lying and manipulation, struggling with a smaller than average penis, and cyber cheating. It was that last one that sealed his fate.

To this day that ex never understood why I was so upset and disgusted with him.  He felt like his online shenanigans were harmless, but to me it was still cheating.

Have you ever dealt with someone who was using the Internet and social media to “step out” on your relationship?

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Until there’s a cure…

Carmen Jones

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