Ladygasm Cici Vibrator – Product Review


The latest addition to my toy box arrived last week and I can honestly say that I’m feeling like the child who just received her new toy, with the intention of never playing with any of the other toys ever again!  The Ladygasm Cici  is an innovative female sex toy and has to be one of the best vibrators I have had the pleasure of meeting, and don’t think there has been a time where my excitement has been so high.  Fortunately, I was more than satisfied with my experience so you can only imagine how many times I’ve tested CiCi out.  With that being said, let me get right to the product review.


A product review is typically going to begin with a description, but if you’ve ordered a little battery operated pleasure and you’re like me, you might be wondering how discreet the packing will be.  I was happy to see that Ladygasm shipped my product in a regular brown cardboard box.  The label had nothing  that would indicate my shipment being anything more than a routine purchase, so this was definitely a plus for me.



After opening up the box, I found Cici inside of a sturdy looking box that reminds me of what my checks would arrive in, so again, another bonus for the discreet freak in me.  So now the packaging details are out of the way, let me get to the exciting part.



The Ladygasm Cici is a powerful sex toy for women that offers the best of seven worlds (and this will make sense a little later) with its sleek styling allowing it to be used comfortably and easily, making sure women are able to experience orgasms to  their heart’s desire.  Its full length is about 7 inches from the tip to the base, with just over 4 inches good for total insertion and while the latter doesn’t sound like much, the amazing features this vibrator is packed with will certainly make you forget about the inches.   Cici is latex-free and the top portion is made of the best medical grade silicone available, making it both pleasant and safe.

Isn’t that cover photo lovely! The Ladygasm Cici is a slimmer vibrator and has a sexy and modern look with its two-toned coloring.  The top is purple and has two stimulators – one that has an inviting curve for the G-spot and the other is for the clitoris, which also has little ticklers.  Cici’s lower half is black with an easy screw top for the AAA batteries needed to get things going, and it even has four little prongs on the very bottom so you can stand it up right.  No more of that vibrator rolling to the floor after nearly passing out, I can simply set it on the nightstand.

Now for the best part – how does the Ladygasm Cici perform and was the description on the web site all hype or reality?  Two stimulators, two motors, 7 modes equals amazing.  Think back to my analogy used earlier about the new toy versus the old toy and when I say I love it, I LOVE my new toy, and whether you are expert who knows every hot spot in your body or the novice who may still be trying to find just one, this vibrator is the one for you.  Cici puts the OR in GASM simply by its ease of handling for the delicate hands of women, is simple to use with two buttons near the base (one for power, the other for the modes) and is equipped with two motors as well as the dual stimulators allows you to choose which area of the two you want to pleasure or both.


The best part about this product has to be the SEVEN different motions you have to choose from, so when I finally tested it out I nearly lost my mind.  I realize that every woman has different preferences for what they enjoy stimulating the most, and I’m almost certain a great majority figured out the areas that made their toes curl by having explored their bodies alone using a vibrator or maybe a man may have shown them what they like.  For me, I’ve always been a g-spot finder kind of girl and even experienced some of my greatest sensations from contact with the outer area, but not quite the clitoral contact so imagine my surprise to have the ability to have several different sensations in two places and a tickler as a bonus.  I only wished that I could demonstrate the different modes, but here is what you have to look for with your Ladygasm Cici:

1st mode – Basic vibrator motions from the top portion for your g-spot stimulator
2nd mode – Basic vibrator motions from both the g-spot and clitoral stimulators
3rd mode – Clitoral stimulation only at a steady pulse
4th mode – Dual stimulators are doing at a steady pulse, but felt strongest on the clitoris with the ticklers in action
5th mode – Rhythmic sensation from both stimulators, a pulse-pulse-buzz pattern
6th mode – This sensation can only be described as bliss, an almost melodic vibration from both stimulators
7th mode – Vibration from both stimulators, steady speed

What more can I say other than this vibrator has exceeded any expectations I have for attaining an extremely high level of pleasure.


We are always hoping for options, options and more options  and fortunately, the Ladygasm Cici offers plenty of them.  This product is for the woman who is ready to try an innovative product to explore new areas of sexual fulfillment, or is for the one who simply needs to learn which parts of her body respond to what stimulators.  The ideal buyer is going to be  the woman that is either single and in need of a filler in between partners, or for that one with the inner freak that is interested in spicing things up a bit in the bedroom with her significant other.


While my overall satisfaction with the Ladygasm Cici is pretty high, there are a few things I didn’t like about it.  For one, it isn’t water proof so it takes me a little effort to make sure I’m cleaning only the top portion even though the bottom might get a little messy as well.  A non-waterproof vibrator also eliminates any possible shower play.  The second issue I have is the small gap that separates the top portion from the bottom or base – when my partner pulled CiCi out for a test drive, he twisted the wrong part thinking that was where the batteries went.  Perhaps it was due to the darkness, but having that space creaates the illusion that it is supposed to move as well.



After having experienced the results from products such  as the bullet, stubby g, and traditional vibrators, I have fnally found one that truly delivers with an abundance of options.  The Ladygasm Cici has earned its reputation as an intense pleasure tool a solid product and after having experienced the bullet, stubby, and traditional vibrators, this one is truly a pleaser.   I’m looking forward to many more moments of sheer bliss, whether it comes from the first mode or the seventh.

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Happy stimulating!

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