14,608 Days

In less than 24 hours I’ll be celebrating my 40th birthday and I’m soooooo excited! A small part of me wants to bitch and moan about being single, not having a snuggle bunny at the end of the night after I’m all sweaty and tipsy but to hell with any of those negative thoughts.  I’ll never understand why… Read More 14,608 Days


Just My Luck

It’s a Friday night and I have the pleasure (more like torture) of shoe shopping with my teenage son. I’m sitting here minding my business, giving the occasional thumbs down to shoe after shoe, but then felt someone burning a hole into the side of my face. I turn to my left and see a… Read More Just My Luck


Therapy is Sexy

Since I’ve been back from my European vacation, things have been pretty quiet on the hangover front and to be honest – I’m enjoying the down time.  Not having to worry about getting all dolled up for a meet-up with some creep who drives around with a bottle of Moscato or feeling bad for accepting… Read More Therapy is Sexy

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Too Much Continued….Minus the Spam!

For the first time in the years I’ve been writing this blog, a post was sent out loaded with Spam content including everything from naughty messages to Cialis recommendations.  Could it be purely coincidental since “erectile dysfunction” was one of the tagged phrases?  I don’t know but apologize profusely for any confusion.  While there were… Read More Too Much Continued….Minus the Spam!


That Friend Zone

A new guy has made his way into my life and in a few hours, we’ll be headed out for somewhat of a couples camping trip followed by a little cruising in his boat but we certainly are not a couple. It’s obvious we’ve been get along pretty well during last few months or so… Read More That Friend Zone


Is it THAT bad?

Uh…. yes.  Online dating is that bad and for some reason the convicts seem to be the main ones looking for love. Check the background and I dare anyone to tell me this dude isn’t missing his shoelaces, is making license plates, or has swapped phone time for the Internet. This one too and I… Read More Is it THAT bad?