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I Am NOT Impressed!

So it’s been a few days on this dating site, and so far, I am not impressed.

In fact, I have already canceled and signed up again just as someone had shared they’ve done.

Are these men desperate, joking or just plain retarded?

The profiles are an absolute joke!

The head lines (1StudMufN is the winner for today), grammar (I really digg your styles tho) and the picture less profiles are a bit too much. I am really wondering if I’m keeping this account for actual dating prospects or blog material??

For any of you not of this world and unfamiliar with the elements of the profile, it’s very clear cut and is broken down into very basic structure:

Basics: ethnicity, age, features including body type, occupation and the like. By far, and though its only been since Friday, the most embellished statements have been the physical attributes.

Toned/athletic and tall, exercising 3-5 days a week in the Internet dating world REALLY means , Flabby Teletubby, medium height, working out with resistance weights at home.

Profile picture: This is not rocket science, but amazingly many people don’t get it. It means post a picture of YOURSELF, not the mountains, your car(s), mangy dog, the sunset or your office cubicle. This is my number one peeve so far! I would rather see an old 80’s prom picture than nothing at all.

About Me: Again, self explanatory. Here is you chance to talk about yourself, hopefully a 200+ word mini essay that might be of interest. This is NOT the cover letter for your resume, so maybe it me but I don’t think multi-tasker, detail oriented, dedicated professional or how you’re are a hard worker scream “date me”. I also find it interesting the number of men listing their salaries at $100k or more. Uh, sure you do.

Finally, there is the…..

Who I am Seeking: This is where you can have it your way. If you want a short, hairy faced midget with one arm, put it here. If you’re working with a 5th grade education, but are seeking that brainiac working on the PHD, that goes here.

I’m really trying to be open, but frustration in the goons contacting me is very discouraging.

Until next time…

Unimpressed Dater

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