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There IS a God!

Alright, I’ll really keep this nice and short.  I finally talked to Tall Glass of Wine last evening about his background and if you recall, I was a little skeptical about bringing it up because well – I didn’t want this rollercoaster of “he’s a great guy” to come to an end.

But before I go into how that “do you believe in God” conversation went, let me remind you all that there are two statements you should NEVER say to someone of the opposite sex:

– I need to ask you something OR
– We need to talk

Fortunately, I didn’t do the latter but after he and I had been messaging each other back and forth yesterday, I casually (or so I thought) sent my last text saying “hey, there’s something I’d been meaning to ask you”. 

Why do we always assume either of those statements mean something bad? 

We both laughed about it because when we spoke last night he said he was a little hesitant on calling because his mind was racing trying to guess what the hell was so important that I couldn’t just send a message.  Once he heard me ask about his believes he understood why and I’m happy to report that YES – he DOES believe in God.  I’m so happy he isn’t a chicken or tree worshiper!!!!!!!

Religious, he is not and I’m not that religious either BUT at least he believes in a higher power so thankfully, I am not able to report this update as another addition to my collection of hangovers.

Carmen ~

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Hangover - a let down following great excitement or excess. Wow. This one sentence describes nearly all of my dating and relationship experiences!

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  1. See! There you were getting yourself all in a tissy, things work out when you least expect them to. Can’t wait to hear more good stuff!

  2. That was a *PHEW* moment, and I’m glad it was resolved! He’s gaining more points in my books… good stuff!!!

    So have you guys HAD sex yet? (hehehe, that’s so blunt isn’t it?)

  3. Who could see the billions of planets, the inevitability of a flowing river, or the smile of a child and not think that something wonderful created all of it?

    It’s only the definition of God we argue about. Or its name.

  4. @ Jessie, yes!! I was a little nervous because that is pretty major. Even if we remain on the friends level, it helps to know so no one is inadvertently offended…

    @ Just Saying, happy face, hell yeah! I was doing the happy dance!!

    @ Caleb, I want to be like you when I grow up in all your infinite wisdom. The religious part is just a matter of semantics for the most part. So many pro’s and con’s in all religions which is why I can leave it at that.

    @ Lateefah… Can you hear the sigh of relief?? Funny how we always get to the point in a new friendship/potential and say “there is just this one thing!”. : )

    To my readers who text or emailed me separately inquiring, here is your answer.

    Stay tuned folks!

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