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Come Back Charlie

It’s Monday and I am STILL flying high off of another great weekend!

Although I haven’t shared many details about Rescue 911 (the ex), let me just say I’ve been enjoying the reunion and the ride. Literally and figuratively. He’s like my dirty little secret, so perhaps I’ll share more about him at a later date.

And since I’ve been digging in the crates, how about I update you on that little POF situation I had with the one I’m calling Come Back Charlie (thanks to Just Saying for coming up with this nickname).

Remember he’s the one who contacted me saying how much he’d really like to know me, and then I gave him his “ahhhhhh” moment with my you-already-know-me-dummy reply?

Well…. Some of you said “hell no, ignore him like the plague” and others said “sure, why not have a little fun and mess with him and report back”.  So…

Here’s the report!

I ended up replying to his second message after he apologized profusely for not having recognized me and just as one of my readers (Caleb) predicted, he would NOT go away after that.

The follow up messages after I blew him off were okay since they were pretty light-hearted. It wasn’t until he noticed that I was ready to pluck him off without a second thought, his strategy went to that of “let’s at least reconnect as friends”.

What happens next?

Well the same day (Thursday) he is blessed with getting my number again and immediately fires off a few follow up messages. Nothing too off the wall, but mainly asking different catch up questions about how things ended that last time between us, asking what I’d been up to etc..

I reminded him that YES – I remembered the crazy chick who flattened his tires and keyed his car and YES, I remembered the other crazy chick who broke into his place and decorated his bedroom walls with chocolate syrup.  But that no, we never had a bad falling out- I just stopped communicating with him because he seemed to have way too much drama.

A day later, we agreed to meet up just to get reacquainted.  I made it clear that I wasn’t interested in dealing with him romantically and was NOT accepting applications for a new fu*k buddy, CBC was a little taken aback that I was so frank, but took it for what it was. We agreed to hook up for a friendly outing sometime soon and left I at that.

Quite the persistent one, he asked if he could have some time with me just a few days later so Saturday arrives and the lower level of Ikea is where we agreed to meet.


As I’m stroing through the parking lot I see him walking my way,  and he’s just as I remembered him from years ago.  That graceful walk and muscular 6’4 frame was still the same.   He’s got this amazing sun kissed, golden bronze complexion, a mesmerizing smile and a great set of teeth.  

CBC greeted me with a hug and compliment by saying “you look great, I remember it all now”. 

I’m ready for an enjoyable outing and when he said we were ready to do some walking around,  he was serious.

We did say a “friendly outing” but what we ended up doing was NOT what I had in mind.

I’m strutting around from store to store in 4 inch heels, wind blowing me around,  hairdo going from curly and cute to toussled and messy.

It was all fun and games for a couple of minutes but then I’m like what’s the deal? He replies “you’re the one who downgraded yourself telling me you didn’t want a date and just wanted to hang out, so we’re hanging out”.


We made a stop for a car charger (me), laptop adapter (him), incense (us), $1 bookstore (us), Jamba Juice (hell yeah, me!), Wing Stop (us). I mean we just walked, talked, cracked jokes and really enjoyed each others company. We had a great time!

How often can you say you’ve gotten together with someone and just did normal stuff like running errands?

We liked that the usual first-time meeting nervousness wasn’t there and although it’s been years, the conversation and good vibes just flowed.

The more we talked, the more his memory was definitely coming back to him and hell yes- he was having some wonderful flashbacks as was I of our more intimate moments.

He told me he remembered my lips and their softness. He recalled that I was a great kisser. He chuckled when also remembering I was great at “other” things as well.

So at the end of our outing, we agreed that me responding to him on POF was a GOOD thing. That staying in touch would be an even BETTER thing. That being open to whatever could be a AWESOME thing.

I’m violating my own rules dealing with this guy because once I’m done with you, there’s no turning back.

We shall see what happens next.


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Hangover - a let down following great excitement or excess. Wow. This one sentence describes nearly all of my dating and relationship experiences!

I'm a 30 year-old woman muddling through the Los Angeles dating scene and yes - Believe all that you've heard about the screwed up men and women in La-La Land.

This blog is of my actual experiences that will either make you chuckle, laugh out loud or maybe say "aw.....".

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  1. Woah woah…you are seeing Rescue 911? And an outing with an ex that went GREAT?? I think there are things you aren’t sharing, girlfriend!!

    1. Wait, wait Lucy, lemme esplain! Lol

      Okay Esme, Come Back Charlie is not an ex… He was one of those “we’re just hanging” type of deals, whatever the hell that means. That little reunion is hot off the press, and though I feared a backlash for going back into yesterday’s trash, I told it all.

      We went out on a not-really-a-date and had a cool time, and will likely hook up again. This little booty does NOT plan on giving up any nookie, nipple, nada. Lol

      Ah…. Rescue… I don’t mention much about him because well, he has a special place in my heart. BUT has baggage, so I can’t even see beyond the great times we have together until that shit gets handled, ya dig?

      I figure there’s no sense getting all geeked up over someone in a situation I can’t change.

      So….. I continue to date.

      By the way, the Black Russian is interested in getting together again. Real soon. My ovaries ache just thinking about that.

      There, confessional is complete.

      Hee hee

  2. I’m so excited for the next date with the Black Russian!
    Totally understand the baggage deal. I have enough issues of my own, I don’t want everyone elses.
    And Charlie…hmmm…nothing wrong with seeing what happens! Especially if the chemistry was that great 😉

    1. That’s right Esme! As a matter of fact Black Russian asked if we could get together again soon. The only thing I don’t like about that wording is “soon” means he isn’t nailing down the WHEN (he did this last time) and it also on my mind, doesn’t sound like a date necessarily. Maybe I’m being a woman and over thinking it? Hell, at least HE isn’t playing Texas Hold ’em like BCM! Lol

  3. Okay, I won’t judge and am actually interested to see if something becomes of this reconnection or if he messes up. Again. Have fun with it!!

  4. Wow did I call this one. Each step of the way you’re like “I’ll ONLY do this” and I’m like “yeah, but then this will happen.” As I read your story, that’s exactly it. Man I’m good. I did think the night would end with at least a kiss, so I’m not 100% accurate, but still close.

    You DO know that you’ll milk this “isn’t it fun to not be romantically engaged?” thing for a while until you have wild, passionate, fun sex, right?

    Tell me you know this. Tell me. Please.

    I give the guy props for making you march around in a non-romantic IKEA just to prove a point though.


    1. Yes, Yes (as I scream out your name), I know this!

      What’s funny, is the entire time two things were nagging in my mind- (1) Prove Caleb wrong and (2) this is purely a test for blog material. Lol

      But I actually had a good time and yeah- he was giving himself a pat on the back for the heels+concrete stunt.

      I’m sure HE is counting on getting me out on a real date followed by some much anticipated reunion booty.

      Here’s the thing- I don’t really like dabbling with too many poker sticks at the same time. So for now, “friends” only with CBC!!

  5. This should be interesting! I’m pretty bad dipping back too but it really depends how badly things ended before you stopped the first time (or two or three). Like the guy said, sounds like there’s some chemistry and LOL @ Caleb. Yeah, we can predict the moves women make. You seem a little quit witted though.
    Scary. Lol

  6. Funny stuff, but I like this guy’s idea of the casual not really a date get together. Your too much with the nicknames, Come Back Charlie? I wonder what my ex’s refer to me as. Ha!

  7. Hey 🙂 So not to be a jackass (and of course I could also be completely wrong…it’s not like I have the lockdown on every sentence or term I’ve ever used…but wasn’t it me…who came up with Come Back Charlie)? In fact I wrote an whole series about it way back in early february? If not, and it was just a total coincidence, sorry for being a douche…

    I’m going to comment twice so that you can delete this comment after reading (either because I am in fact a dick or because you’ll change the crediting of the term to me 😉 Either way I want to leave a comment more directly about the post 🙂

    1. LMAO!

      Nope, you’re not being a jackass and nope, not deleting this comment, this is reality and credit is due because you most certainly did the CBC (I mentioned them before and but first (in my best Desi voice), let me esplain.

      I originally gave props to the term in my “Come Back Charlie” post in March but it went to Just Saying who uses it as well. User error, crack or confusion? I’m not sure, but credit is due and you got it.


  8. Soooo excited to be back from my lengthy school term and now I can FINALLY get caught up on all your goings on…the hangovers if you will…excited to see where this will or will not lead…and PS as a curly haired gal I can SOOOO empathisize with the hair situation lol…don’t boys know we plan things accordingly lol

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