THIS is Why I'm Single!

Facebook Creep

Just a quick update about my weekend, though I can’t wait to tell you Friday night’s date with the Black Russian!!!

So before I can share some sunshine, I must tell you the #1 way to get deleted is to harass via e-mail, internet or phone.

Enter Facebook Creep.

FC has sent a total of TWENTY messages in the last few weeks, including THREE messages today, TWO last night and TWO each day of the last week, all unsolicited.

In case you don’t see a problem with this let me help. The fact that he sends these silly messages like “Wow, hot picture”, “You’re sexy as hell” and “Morning beautiful” and “Hello beautiful” PLUS a follow up by text since I don’t reply is one thing. Using an alias name on his dummy profile? Not cool.

He is two clicks and a “are you sure you want to block” away from never being able to find me on Facebook again. I understand there are plenty of people out there who use middle names, nicknames and the like but I’ll still never understand why.

This all started about a couple of days after All Star weekend when I received a friend request followed by a “Hi beautiful, I love LA!” message from Tony Mills*. Okay, no biggie, I’m thinking another random just browsing and found my profile picture appealing. Can’t blame him. Look at me. =)

I reply something general like “Cool, thanks for the compliment”. FC replies again saying he can’t wait to see me again, and since the name is unfamiliar, I’m immediately weirded out thinking some nut has a fixation on me. My next reply is a direct “Do I know you??” And FC replies “Yes, very well”, so of course I’m panicking because I don’t’ forget a name or a face. I decided to nip it in the bud and explain I don’t do random and told him to take care. Done right? Nope.

FC doesn’t’ stop and proceeds to play the guessing game saying we’d just seen each other, what I was wearing etc. For those who know me, I have the tolerance of a 2 year-old when it comes to guessing games, so I stopped responding. Finally, FC gives me an un mistakeable clue about where we’d gone for dinner recently.

Ding ding ding!!!! Once it dawned on me who it could be, I fired of a “what the f#ck is with the games using a fake name??” text. His reply? This shit is genius. Geniuses stupid- he says “just to test you to see what you would do”.

Test?? How old are you??!!!!

Being turned off is an understatement. Do I have to remind this guy of what he is to me? N-O-T-H-I-N-G. He is a fling, a one nighter from Miami I’d hooked up with years ago, but cool enough to text every now and then. So after connecting for dinner for a few hours doesn’t give you a pass to test a damn thing.

So how have I handled FC? Ignoring all messages from Facebook and respond occasionally to texts. But silly me, I’m thinking he’s getting that I’m ignoring him and am really turned off at the newly found harassing-type behaviors.

I’ll have to set him straight this week and it won’t be pretty.

Stupid men!!!!!

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  1. Ugh,
    Block him… just testing you? wtf! Seriously!
    I’m annoyed by this and it isn’t even my life.

  2. Why does this seem to happen so often??? I swear, it seems luke I get a creep a week and what’s worse is when I get bugged by men I know who call themselves re connecting! More like disconnecting!

    Delete, delete, delete!

    1. I don’t know Jessie, Like Luke…creeps, weirdos. I blocked him so I can only imagine the priceless expression when he goes to send another message tomorrow. Idiot.

    1. I know Simmarah, but we’re always accused of being the stalkers, the unstable and emotionally effed up. I’m sure it’s split 50/50 on the number of basket case men out there compared to women, probably even higher. We just talk about our issues more while theirs is in the closet.

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