I hope that you’re the one

“If not,you are the prototype..”

I’ll say it over and over and over again….I LOVE MUSIC. A simple song can invoke so many thoughts, feelings and emotions. Sometimes, feelings you didn’t realize were there or maybe just didn’t know how to express them.

Many thanks to Curvy Girl over at http://www.curvygurlchronicles.com for reminding me that “words, tempos and images” are so powerful, especially through a song. I don’t know what she may be going through to have posted this, but the song along with this message. Wow. I’m feeling it.

Curvy Girl posted this video of “The Prototype” on her blog and as soon as I heard it, fell in love with the song. Again.

Jesse Boykins III | Prototype 3010, a short film from LightUp Film on Vimeo.

The first time I heard this song originally made by Andre’ 3000 was a year or so ago, performed live in London by Jazmine Sullivan who added her own special. Her deep, souful and powerful voice is amazing and when I listen to it, feel tingles down my spine.

Here’s Jazmine’s version.

In a time where life is often guided by misconception and tainted love its hard to truly find someone who is there for you for all the right reasons. No matter how you deliver your heart to a person, you still have to wait for them to open it up. I came up with this concept to inspire honesty. I’ve learned through life, communication is everything when you’re in a relationship. Take these visuals as an example of how something could be if there is no truth between two parties. She/He is your prototype and could be so much more if you allow it.

Never Take The Love Of Your Believer For Granted.

Think about how many prototypes you may have encountered. He or she may not be or have been the “one”, but may be the best example of what you want and need.

Carmen ~

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  1. I like it.

    This morning I was super hungover and watched the music video of Joe Cocker singing “a little help from my friends” about 18 times in a row.

    Cool, right?

    Behave this weekend.


    1. Okay, knew the name but had forgotten the song. Depending on which version you listened to, I can see how that could be on repeat. Good stuff.

      Behave? Crickets, crickets, crickets. =)

      Have a fab weekend darling!

  2. I’m lame, never heard of the first singer and think I know who Jazmine is but aside from that… I like the message. Simple but it was one of those things that made me go “hmm mm, yeah, I feel you”. Never thought of anyone like that – he either fits what I’m looking for or he doesn’t but this is a new way to look at it.

    Thanks for sharing and yeah, behave yourself.

    1. Hey Jessie and yeah, never heard of the Jesse guy either (hey, Jessie and Jesse!!). My question is this – is there a tool kit for the prototype man or woman? You know, some helpful info on fine-tuning them if we find out they are NOT the one. Hell, at this point, I’m not even sure the “one” exists.

      Yeah, yeah. I’ll behave.

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