Hangover - a let down following great excitement or excess. Wow. This one sentence describes nearly all of my dating and relationship experiences!

I'm a 30 year-old woman muddling through the Los Angeles dating scene and yes - Believe all that you've heard about the screwed up men and women in La-La Land.

This blog is of my actual experiences that will either make you chuckle, laugh out loud or maybe say "aw.....".

If your dating hangovers seem worse than the next person's, read on, post a comment and enjoy!



  1. True. Without a firm date commitment most guys will linger in the bliss of the “almost official”. Can’t blame them but so much if the requirement is not put on them to follow-through…good ol’ cow and milk cliche’ πŸ™‚

    1. Cliche’ or not Mel, it’s true. You wanna play house, shack up, combine finances, purchase property and all that together and wonder why a person isn’t eager to make things “official” well….

  2. Ouch! Cold hard truth huh? I think everyone progresses at different speeds, couples just need to be on the same page. I like the 6 + 6 method. Within 6 months of dating, you know if the person is marriage material so I’m looking for a ring. 6 months later, we’re getting hitched!

  3. Absolutely, I agree with you 100%!!! Women need to know this and read the cold hard truth, as I’m a firm believer in every single aspect of your post.

  4. Men just need to be up front. I tell women what I’m interested in and you’re right, they take a gamble hoping I’ll change my mind or grow into an idea.

    Sometimes you’re just not sure of a person. I’m always on the fence about continuing to date someone I know isn’t cut out for the long run, but they are good for the moment so why let go?

    1. Annonymous, I’m assuming you’re male or you’re female and now date women?? πŸ™‚

      Agree totally, isn’t that the foundation for all relationship woes? People not being up front about wants and needs?

      Of course, we all want our cake and eat it too. Guess I’m just a hard head, stubborn chick because I’m not willing to take a chance on the maybe or maybe not!

  5. I think no matter what in a relationship, both parties have to be upfront about their expectations. I’m very honest about not wanting to get married. About never combining finances. About never having another child. No one I wind up with could ever say they didn’t know what they were getting in to.

    1. That’s how you do it E. A maybe, man who thinks he wants children later on shouldn’t consider you. You sound pretty solid with both issues and I KNoW you make it perfectly clear to your suitors!

  6. If it could only be this simple!

    I’m honest with women and say “I want to be married with 3 kids by 40”. I’m 37 years old so they know this is the real deal and like most stories say, you know early on if someone is marriage material or not.

    Shit or get off the pot. Long, drawn out engagements? For what?

    1. Yep Silver, I want to act like the Mormons. I believe they’re on the 6 and 6 plan as well.

      By the end of the first conversation, I know if I want to go out with someone.

      After the first date, know if I want to give up the nookie.

      Within the first month, know if it’s going to last.

      By the 3rd month, can get a good idea of he can be considered long-term and for marriage.

      The rest is a matter of time with things falling into place.

      Extended engagements are no different than being boyfriend/girlfriend unless the finale is near.

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