Love, Bragging and Obligation

As much as I wanted to be a Jehovah’s Witness for today and ignore it, I won’t.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

There, I said it.

This day is for those in love, those happy people who treat this as just another day but maybe will do something a little extra.

Maybe it was the “Baby, I really love you” from the man to his wife or the “Honey, let’s do it again” from the girlfriend to her boyfriend.

So happy day to those in love.

This day is also for the bragging women.

Yes, I said it because men sure as hell aren’t going crazy about Valentine’s Day. They aren’t blasting Facebook posts about their plans for the evening with their girlfriends or wives (and certainly not both).

As if the daily testimonials about having a “bf”, “boo”, “honey babe” or other pet names aren’t enough, I’m sure there are women everywhere chomping at the bit to post an update or upload the ceremonial bouquet of flowers.

Sometimes I think those who are NOT married do more of this than those who are. You would think the poor things have never been with a good man before. Hmm.

Last but not least, today is a day of obligations. Poor men. I actually feel sorry for you and I mean it.

Even when I was in relationships around this time of the year, I never wanted nor did I expect my significant other to go way out for this commercially glorified holiday.

Yet the obligatory actions are expected, even by the newer girlfriend.

First, the man had better be on his best behavior. Imagine the ridicule from the girl crew if he failed to call, text, visit or do something first thing in the morning? No disappearing acts, strange text messages or phone calls on this day either.

Second, he most certainly will be parting ways with a few dollars. Whether it is for flowers, dinner or some other outing, the man is going to be expected to DO SOMETHING even if his budget isn’t necessarily able to play along.

But hey hey- the obligations aren’t just on the men because if they are behaving well and spending money ladies, you already know what is going to be expected – booty.

So much pressure, but men – if its any consolation, tomorrow is YOUR day- Steak and BJ Day!

I think I will stay away from Facebook to avoid the “I’m so happy I finally have a man” posts OR even the “I hate this day, it sucks” gripes from the abundant group of bitter men and women.

Instead, I’ll think about the joyful feeling of this being my last night of class.

Now there’s something that brings a smile to my face.

Until there’s a cure…


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