The Morning After

Hello to my single folks, lovers, happily married, mistresses and cheaters.

Valentine’s Day is o-v-e-r!

I know, I know – the last two aren’t the types that should be acknowledged but there are so many of you out there, I want to make sure no one is left out.

I’m curious though – how DOES Valentine’s Day work for you if you’ve got someone on the side? Take care of the side boo first or later or do they just understand you’re unavailable for a day or two? Business as usual?

Well, although I said I was boycotting Facebook yesterday, I took a little peek last night after class.

What did I find?

The usual stuff of course and I’ll be damn if I didn’t see TONS of red rose mobile uploads!!

The estranged husbands vying for another chance, the boyfriends going for something easy and even my gay female friends went for broke to shower their loves with bouquets.

A few ladies received rings and although none of them were followed by “will you marry me”, I agree that receiving one lasts a heck of a lot longer than flowers or chocolate.

Posts from the men? Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Okay, I’m lying. There were several posts commenting about something very important- the Laker game! Scores, bad plays etc… A few posted Valentine’s gifts from their children but seriously folks, as I forecasted yesterday, men just don’t give a hoot enough to gab about the day.

In all, everything I expected was seen and out of all of the posts, several were worthy of sharing so here are the top 5 V Day posts:

5. “My man is good to me ALL of the time, so today is just another day of being appreciated by and appreciating someone wonderful.”

4. “Happy Valentines Day too all my boo thangs…. Only the top two will receive gifts….you other five good luck next year.”

3. “I can’t pull anything over on my girl. I brought her some roses and she says “Oh, you got stopped at the light, huh? LoL

2. “I mean really – who starts a major fight on Valentine’s?? He was just begging to be single!”

And last but certainly not least:

1. “Flowers die, fruit isn’t sweet, got enough lingerie, way too many panties, long wait at restaurants, balloons already flat, boring stuffed animals, chocolates are nasty inside, cards say the same lies, deliveries late. Instead, I would like you to use my account and routing number for deposits into my account next Valentine’s Day!”



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  1. lol @ the posts. I didnt’ see much activity on my end…personally or otherwise. Maybe some of us will finally learn to consider doing these nice things more often throughout the year.

  2. I’m dating someone, and all of the sappy bullshit posted by people on facebook made me want to ralph. Ugh. At least I am on pain meds..it made it easier to stomach.

    1. You’re alive!!!!! Missed you Esme and thank you for saying that.

      I see it all of the time and keep telling myself I better not ever act so sappy, so corny like many of these women.

      Being proud of your relationship is one thing, but constantly professing for purposes of getting a few “likes” is a bit much.

      1. Totally agree. Those are the people (sadly mostly women) that are seriously lacking self-esteem. ‘OMG, I’m so ugly!!! OMG my bf is the beeeeeeeeesssssssttttttteesstt!!’ Get. A. Life.

        And for the record, my status still says ‘single’. Nobody’s business but my own.

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