I Don’t Mean to Be Picky but…

This was a productive weekend, and aside from feeling like I was dying last night from what was likely food poisoning, I had a pretty good one.

Last night, while leaving from a Cinco de Mayo/Fight Party suare’ (and looking casually hot, I might add), a young man happened to be walking in the same direction as I was. A little on the short side, but he was nice enough and struck up a conversation as we strolled to the car.

I’m thinking he looks a little on the young side, but talked like he had some sense and wasn’t putting down any extreme “macking” strategies. Bonus? He was an easy-going guy and was able to elicit several genuine chuckles out of me as we joked about boxing and basketball.

So far, so good.

We arrive at my car and we do the number exchange, he finally lets on that he graduated from high school when I graduated from COLLEGE! Really???

But don’t worry, I know better than to shoot someone down based on age alone, so as soon as he wished me a safe trip to my second destination, away I drove.

So here’s why I’m writing in between getting dressed.

A few moments ago, I received the follow up from last night’s encounter – a god damn text!!!!


That is more annoying to me than you would ever know, and I guess its my fault that I didn’t tell this youngster that his contact should be a telephone call but come on. Have we really lost it when it comes to communicating with someone you just met?


I don’t mean to be picky or contrite, but I have yet to decide if I’m even going to respond.

Oh yeah – Friday night? I finally did it. Took the plunge and signed up on a new dating site, so of course, I’ll be back to share more.

I’m off to see the Avengers! Maybe I’ll get lucky and meet a teenager this time! Ha!


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  1. You are being picky. It’s ridiculous to reject someone because they text you instead of call after a first date. Seriously, I’m guessing you have other issues with the guy – perhaps the high school thing is just too much, and you just don’t want to admit it. If you were really attracted to him, you wouldn’t give a damn if he texted, called, or showed up at your door with flowers.

    1. Actually Nathan, I don’t have other issues with the dude. If his age was that big of a deal I wouldn’t have entertained a numbers exchange.

      I’ll probably reply and just let him know texting isn’t my thing but if verbal contact is my preference, its my preference.

      To clarify, we haven’t had a date- we JUST met, so his “remember me” follow up is a text message? What if I didn’t have the service? I would never know he contacted me.

  2. I can understand your perference Carmen, so I say just reply and let him know that you’re not a texter. Easy enough, right?

  3. I’m with you, C. I HATE this technology age! I have been asked out on Facebook three times, and each time I wrote them back and told them if they were interested, they could at least call and talk to me. One did, two didn’t. And oddly enough, the youngest one is the one that called.

    I think its shit when dudes try to have serious convos via text. I think its shit that they will text two minutes after the date and say they had a great/bad time-you just saw me!! Just tell me to my face what the hell is up!!

    Why is it so hard?? Someone’s voice is so much better than an electronic message.

    1. Exactly. Now it would be totally different if we had already had at least ONE conversation before he fired off the text but nooooo.

      In fact, the mere tone of the text is what got me – “Hello, this is ____, how are you doing this afternoon?”

      That was a “let’s strike up a convo via text” invitation.

      How does he know I even have text messaging service? I say this because I assumed a friend of mine did and recently sent him a “long time no see” message and was feeling awfully dumb when I received a message rejected reply. What was so hard about me calling him that first time after reconnecting and exchanging numbers?

      Bottom line- no me gusta!

      So no, I didn’t reply.

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