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“You’re gorgeous, converse well and basically – a complete package. Are you psycho or something?”

This is what Mahalo asked me this afternoon, in between mimosas and a great seafood lunch. As much as I should probably be offended by this “What’s wrong, why are you single” question, it is more comical than anything because I hear it so often.

“I’m fabulous indeed, but meet men who are either just not ready for me or are assholes” was my reply. I state nothing but the facts.

Business is really booming right now in the dating department, and today’s outing was enjoyable. To think that the meeting of Mahalo almost didn’t happen and for a few good reasons.

For one, we didn’t seem to connect and of the three to fives times we’ve spoken on the phone. A few conversations were just alright, but there had been far too many awkward gaps and moments of silence. I think it was my friend Tally Girl who told me to give him a chance and meet up anyway, especially since some people do better in person vs over the telephone.

You have to admit, having the types of conversations where you hang up feeling tired but in a good way. The two of you laughed a lot, chatted up several good topics, and neither wanted the call to end. These instances are a little rare, especially with the abuse of text messaging. I didn’t have any feelings like that, and felt like I only entertained communicating with this man because he seemed so different.

I just wasn’t picking any good vibes from talking to him over the phone, but I’m happy to report that he definitely made up for all of this in person. Very intelligent and articulate, and I liked and appreciated that he was complimenting of my persona overall, especially the vernacular.

In typical Hawaiian fashion, Mahalo is a pretty cool, even-tempered and laid back guy. He looks alright, just like his photos. Well over 6 feet tall, average build and while I couldn’t tell what was under his fedora hat, I’m pretty sure it was a low haircut.

A second reason the meeting was almost void was the fear of Mahalo and I not having much in common, other than being single and wanting to date a good person.

He’s an Aquarian (yes, yes – I rolled my eyes when I heard him say this was his sign twice!) and is a water lover in every sense of the term. Born and raised in Maui, lives on his boat when down in this area, loves to surf, deep water fish, play beach volleyball and more. He even rolls around with man’s best friend; when I noticed him looking out towards hi truck, Mahalo told me an interesting story about how he rescued his unique Korean dog. Very interesting person for sure, with humanitarian qualities to boot. Taking your dog around with you to work? I can only imagine what goodies his music play list has. A true black man caught in a white man’s body.

Would we be compatible if we dated? I’m the complete opposite from his lifestyle.

Me? I drowned (but obviously the mouth-to-mouth worked) when I was younger, am afraid of being swept into the ocean and carried off to Japan, and was not graced with water hair. Oh yes I did- water hair, as in there aren’t any beautiful waves on my scalp but more of an interesting curl pattern. So you see, as much as I would love to be involved with a man who can enlighten me and open me up to completely new experiences, we still should have some commonalities. I was afraid that we wouldn’t click.

The big one was that Mahalo was geographically undesirable. He lives in San Diego, and his work brings him to the area several times a week BUT he lives over an hour and a half away on a good day. I absolutely love it in that area and should the right opportunity present itself (a good man or job), I would move there in a heartbeat. But… Right now, I just want accessible men in my life.

At the end of it all, I had a pretty nice date with him and yes – I was upfront about my dislike for a long-distance anything. Will there be another date or anything after today? I’m not sure so I guess I will have to see.

In the meantime, I’m seeing Balance again and there are highs and lows in feelings with regards to him, even in all of his greatness. The old “not my type” snake has reared its ugly head.

I’m going to push forward and see what happens.

Until there’s a cure…

Carmen Jones

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