Are You Keeping Dirty Photos of An Ex?

Are You Keeping Dirty Photos of An Ex?

Of course, there’s always a story behind this type of question but I’ll spare you the details. Let me just say I have received far more than I have sent, and the types of photos that make a man take his phone in the bathroom stall and salivate, went to boyfriends. Never a casual booty call or random.

I’ve always wondered WHY men seem to be so willing to send a d-picture, because I have never said “Ooh baby, let me see what you’re working with and add a caption to it.”

This girl has seen specimen’s every which way from the text message (sorry, teenagers aren’t the only ones), email and even by the old fashioned postal method (yes, someone actually flung it on a copier machine). In case you’re wondering why this is in my head, you can blame thirty-something hormones coupled with last night’s episode of Family Feud.

The question was about what people do with dirty photos of their ex’s and it led to me and a friend saying to each other “Damn, I thought I was the only one that kept those!”. A few moments later I was perusing through my saved messages and my oh my -some are DEFINITELY worth keeping, hell they should even be printed especially for the men who have truly been blessed.

I’m just saying…

So what about you?

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  1. I showed CARMEN a worthy picture a few weeks ago. I have ONLY (2) that have been worthy of saving but I must admit viewing from time to time. There are some specimens that are just amazing and deserve their very own Kodak Moments!

    1. Ooh Kim- yes!!!!!! That was a masterpiece, how could you not share that one.

      Too bad it came with drama but hey, you can always click back through your saved messages and think “Damn!”

  2. Glad it isn’t just me, lol! I’m a visual person and keep those pics in case someone I dealt with in the past decides to contact me. Some people have regular pictures for someone’s contact, I have nice booty or racks because lord knows, I’ve kept some of the best ones.

    1. Oh Kendall, I’m sure you have quite the “Best Of” collection. Some are good to browse for old time sake and to decide if you really want to take that call from a former fling. πŸ™‚

  3. Um, no way!!! I tell men not to send that crap to me and they better not expect anything more risque than a picture of my lips. I’ve heard of too many cases where photos you thought were “private” ended up all of the place. Men and women are immatire and vindictive so no, I save myself the trouble.

    1. Just the lips, huh Marie? I’m going to guess the ones on your face based on your response.

      Like I said, any men who I felt was worthy of getting a sexy photo wasn’t just a random though I understand being exclusive or married doesn’t prevent unwanted sharing.

      I just make sure nothing identifiable such as uh.. My FACE or any tattoos is showing. The way I see it, nothing is private or safe from making you the butt of a joke or being admired by someone you don’t know. As long as there’s a forward button or camera to snap a photo of the photo, anything is fair game!

  4. I take a look at them every now and then just for kicks, but I think the women are more likely to brag and show their friends than guys will.

    1. Yes, I look at them every now and then as well but women more than men? I don’t know about that.

      I think men are more apt to brag about some hot chick they had where women, you know we don’t really like sharing anything.

      I’m guilty, however of talking about how well/poorly endowed a man may have been, but haven’t shared the goods (yet).

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