Why is that phone always locked?

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This question came up on someone’s Facebook page this morning, and when I saw over 50 comments within ten minutes, I had to take a peek.

There has only been one man I have experienced the eye-over-his-shoulder-peaking-at-the-password with. Rescue.

I guess it was the whole deal about him being separated without divorce filings in the works that made me somehwhat suspicious. I figured we were at home and not around some random snoops or bad guys who wanted to do evil with what was in his Iphone. Wrong.

That shit stayed on lockdown all of the time, so call me what you want, it bothered me. In fact, I’m normally not inclined to check a man’s phone at ALL but its like knowing that something is inaccessible makes you want to…You know, access it.

So what say you- does the locked/password protected cell phone bring you grief or not?

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