Single During The Holidays? | And That’s Why You’re Single™

Single During The Holidays? | And That’s Why You’re Single™


If you’re single during the holidays you’re either happy and content, you’re either some kind of amazing or seriously in denial.  It sucks having to pass on far too many invites to Christmas parties and for those that  you do attend solo, having to explain how is it that you are such a great catch yet still single.

So it was only fitting that I came across a post from one of the greatest dating blogs, “And That’s Why You’re Single”, on how to cope with the Christmas holidays.  The idea of disappearing on a vacation somewhere certainly sounds appealing but if that isn’t feasible, how about taking advantage of some of the clever comebacks suggested by the author such as my favorite piece of advice:

Be honest with yourself – Are you as comfortable being single as you think? It’s perfectly okay to fake it ‘til you make it, as they say. But be sure to acknowledge how you truly feel about not being in a relationship. Doing so will help alleviate the chances that you feel attacked or judged by common questions that arise at your typical holiday get together.  It’s okay to feel lonely or even sad. Allow yourself to feel however you want to feel. Just don’t let yourself wallow.  OR how about this one:

Take a step back from the internet – Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve there are a slew of articles declaring the holidays as some kind of war on single people. Don’t take everything at face value.   Yes, you might encounter that one person at that dinner or party who asks if you’re dating anybody. You won’t be put in a room and drilled with questions for hours on end.  I happen to think that a big reason why the holidays have become so stressful for many single people is that we (and the internet) have made this into a bigger thing than it actually is.

For more on how to cope with your single status during the holidays, check out the post here!

Happy Holidays!

Carmen Jones

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