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One Time… in Band Camp

One Time… in Band Camp


Okay, well not exactly in band camp but man oh man does this date taking place in just a few minutes have an interesting throwback element.  Yes my lovelies, I am still alive but this new year has been off to a crazy, hectic start and dating simply has been priority level -1,5000,000.  There has been plenty of activity so far as dating and relationships all around me, including several engagements, a few bright star prospects and yes- a few unhappy endings.

But again, I haven’t given a hoot about my own dating situation in well over a month so imagine my surprise at being asked out by someone I met in a CPR class.  Someone who took a liking to me, wowed by my ability to make chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth looked sexy.  Most notably,  I’ve been asked to have dinner with someone who bullied and teased me on the school bus in the 7th grade.  I’m really broadcasting how old of a chick I really am, but I’ve always said how I NEVER forget a face; even one from twenty-three years ago.  Yesssssss, that’s a long time.

If you ever rode on a school bus you know that ride to school was a lively one and depending on the demographics, something called bagging was the highlight of your ride.  The Bully was notorious and I remember his scathing words that one day I decided to crack on him, the loud mouthed popular jock, and he let me have it!  From that day forward, I was known as “Buck” for my rainbow styled overboard from thumb sucking.  Best believe that dickhead made it his life purpose to yell out “Hey Buck” each morning that I hopped on that bus, making my way down that aisle towards the back.

Lucky for me, I’m not scarred for life and thank goodness for a fabulous orthodontist.

So let’s fast forward to that CPR class as he’s checking me out, I’m scanning his face like Kit trying to scan a criminal’s mind.  Wondering in between testing “Is this the same motherfucker who talked about my grill?!?!?!”  I wasn’t sure because it was so long ago, he’s a grown man and has put on some weight but the face and ears- yep, still the same.  For once, I took the easy way out and said nothing to him and certainly didn’t ask if he grew up in the area, went to THAT school.   Until last week, when I strolled to his office and let’s just say this- it WAS him.

Ah….. the sheer pleasure at being right that it was him.  It tickled me witnessing the denial as he repeatedly tried to convinceme that the culprit couldn’t possibly be him, followed by  absolute embarrassment.  But boy oh boy- it was nearly orgasmic to hear him say “Wow, look at you now.”  The Bully made it clear that he was interested and equally important, he really needed to make it up to me and “clear his name”.

A few chats later, numbers are exchanged and now here we are.  This dude seems pretty damn interested in me OR redeeming himself from his immature actions from a looooong time ago.

Until there’s a cure because damn it- it’s been three years since I’ve been single.

Carmen Jones

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  1. Welcome back, I thought you had run off somewhere with your knight in shining armour!I hope things turned out well, I can’t wait for the details!

  2. That is a long time so this should be very interesting. Hopefully it’s a cool reunion and this dude vindicates himself!

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