It’s Been a Long Time

It’s Been a Long Time


It’s been far too long since I’ve posted and after being asked several times “who is he” from the hopefuls who think all of my time as of late is being consumed with some fabulous specimen of a man like say, Omari Hardwick.  Isn’t it funny how being missing in action just has to be associated with someone of the opposite sex.  Why can’t it just be as simple as I’ve been busy?  Not good enough, too boring right? omari

There’s no man who has swept me off my feet, has been showing me the time of my life or even rocking my world sexually.  In fact, there have been far too many times over the course of the last couple of months where I didn’t give a shit about dating men at all and this was all because of the deal I made with God earlier this year.

You read correctly, I said  a deal was made and don’t act like I’m the only one who puts extra emphasis on certain prayers of what you want or need as you barter and agree to do something in exchange.  Does anyone remember back in the day you would get into trouble, be worried or terrified about something happening and all of a sudden your prayers seemed more like begging a friend for a favor?  Here’s one I remember from my early 20’s that was a little like “Lord, please if you make my period come today I won’t have sex with him without a condom ever again” or “God, please don’t let my house burn down because I left that flat-iron on laying on the towel and I promise, I’ll make it to church more this year”.  There have been plenty of times where I needed to call in a couple of favors, so my request to the man above while bringing in the new year was to bless me with some major changes, somewhere in my life.

A new job (because I was close to choking the life out of someone), my first home (because I was close to choking my realtor and had given up) OR a wonderful man.  I didn’t ask for all three, but just one because I realized where I am in life that something just had to give.  You can’t have too many major goals being sought after all at once so my deal was for the one – a new and challenging position at work and for once in a long time, I am so happy with my career.  Now having this type of euphoria in such a critical area in life does NOT take away my desires for a good man and eventual lifetime partner, but let’s just say it makes me a lot more relaxed (at least for now) about that goal since I did only asked for one of the three.  I’m getting acclimated to the new job and wrapping up my master’s degree with one class left, making final preparations for my Europe trip this summer so I’m just really in this amazingly awesome place in life right now and feeling quite fulfilled.

Still, it’s about time to get in a little dating here and there and just have fun with it.  I don’t plan on wasting my time with any of those types of men who are undateable, but a girl still likes to be wined and dined along with being entertained every now and then.  I’ve got a date tomorrow night with a potential who seems like a funny character, someone cool to hang out with and he’s very accomplished.  Alright now, let’s keep those fingers crossed that things go well and even though I’ve already used up one of my wishes, a nice bonus for the year is certainly welcomed.

Until there’s a cure…

Carmen Jones



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Hangover - a let down following great excitement or excess. Wow. This one sentence describes nearly all of my dating and relationship experiences!

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