That Friend Zone

That Friend Zone

rejectionA new guy has made his way into my life and in a few hours, we’ll be headed out for somewhat of a couples camping trip followed by a little cruising in his boat but we certainly are not a couple.

It’s obvious we’ve been get along pretty well during last few months or so we have known each other and he’s been trying so hard to get in more time with me.  We’ve enjoyed outings at comedy venues, dinner and even a relaxing day at the pier as a pre-Mother’s Day celebration (with a bouquet of roses to top things off) and in between, several enjoyable telephone conversations.  In fact, he’s extended a few other invitations to spend time with me but I’ve either been too busy or simply didn’t want to seem like I was leading him on.  After the second date, I told him up front that I liked him as a friend but nothing more than that and supposedly, he’s accepted the fact that he’s stalled out in the proverbial friend zone.

This lack of attraction deal feels like a fucking curse because he’s probably the fifth or sixth man I’ve met in the last couple of years who seemed like a pretty good fit for me but neither my mind nor emotions were willing to accept them as being anything more.  For the sake of not sounding like a completely shallow person, I have to say that it hasn’t just been the appearance issue with these men.  They may be okay or doable, but there’s always been some other issues compounding things making it next to impossible to even want anything more from them besides a hug.

So…. We shall see if he’s able to keep it in the friend zone from the car to the tent to the lake.  It too damn bad I can’t tell my mind how to think or reprogram my emotions to be attracted to these men.

Until there’s a cure…

Carmen Jones

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