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Gotta Love Facebook!

Gotta Love Facebook!


Ordinarily,  this type of post wouldn’t be anything worth giving a second glance to but there’s just one problem- it’s ME sharing this on a dating blog!

You have to love it when Facebook makes suggestions about who to add and most times, it’s someone you would rather ignore.  Sometimes,  I might take a looksie to see what the person’s wall or photos says about how they’re living.  Last night,  the profile of a guy who’s been an occasional friend with benefits for a few years.

Love the profile that is open to the world because in a matter of minutes, I saw that he was still in his high-visibility position with the NBA.   Also noted he had taken a few vacations, celebrated a milestone birthday AND then I arrived at his anniversary message to his WIFE.

Well damn….they celebrated one year of wedding bliss a few weeks ago, have been together for a while based on other posts, yet he been calling on me every year whenever his team had games in L.A.  As far as I knew, this guy wasn’t attached and supposedly “dealt” with someone back at home occasionally. No skin off my back (thankfully) because I know how men are in either the sports or music industries (travel penis), and knew he would reach out at least twice a year. His last visit here conflicted with my schedule so as he was flying out he asked for a sexy photograph to remember me until the next time.


Newlyweds should be exchanging these messages with each other, so it’s too bad for his wife.  She’s probably thinking she has the perfect life- successful lawyer married to the man of her dreams.  Instead, has a cheater who probably has a “special guest” in every city he travels to.  I just don’t understand why some people get into relationships, let alone marriage when fucking someone else other than their partner is so appealing.  I guess it’s true what this Tango article says about cheating newlyweds: “while we all dream of nuptials and rings and receptions, infidelity can occur, even at the beginning of marriage…”

Guess I’m the lucky one here because I don’t have to deal with this dude anymore. I’ll miss those basketball game tickets and VIP gatherings but whatever and oh- thanks for the suggestion, Facebook!

Until there’s a cure…

Carmen Jones

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  1. Being single isn’t hard so why they think it’s cool to marry with the intent of acting single is a mystery to me

  2. Why do men cheat? Hell, why does a woman cheat? Because some need isn’t being satisfied and because they can. Sounds crappy but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. This dude likely has chicks all over the country and if all he has to so is offer up a few tickets in return for a good time, then he’s winning. It doesn’t sound like anything lost for you but it’s good you now know what you’re dealing with.

  3. Jerks like this make me not want to get married and he’s newly wed!!! He’s been doing this for a while and I’m guessing will keep on until he gets caught.

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