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Men and Their Photo Requests

Men and Their Photo Requests

I realize that some of the experiences shared about online dating may be foreign to some of my readers because you’re either married or involved with someone or quite possibly, have never used this method of meeting people.  For those of us out here in the trenches fighting this uphill battle, you’ll be able to look at this textversation above and immediately see why I’m so annoyed:


Why are these men always asking for more photos?

I get requests like this all the time and not just from the ones encountered online, so for the life of me, I just don’t get why they keep asking.  Unless a woman’s profile only has blurry, dark or face shots only and he wants to make sure a woman isnt looking like the Kool-Aid man, what’s the deal with always asking for more more more?

My profile has a total of SIX photos – a well-lit bathroom mirror shot, another head shot, two full body shots from both the front and side angles, one of me sitting with a little leg exposed and one sitting at my desk.  None of them are poor in quality and it isn’t like I posted some group photo where I was unidentifiable.


Are they asking for risqué shots with boobs and ass hanging out, or do they simply want one to use while storing contacts? The latter is usually the fall back excuse when I call them on it,   but  why do you need “a few”? My guess is men are only looking to browse throughout the day while rubbing on some wood or show you off as a trophy to their buddies.

Come on fellas, it’s a turn off so you would be better off working the screenshots with your phone until we’ve at least met. Besides, there’s a good possibility that we may not make it to the point of storing each other as a contact. Just saying.

Until there’s a cure…

Carmen Jones

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  1. I normally get “send me something sexy” text messages after we’ve been texting and the guys is comfortable. We all know they’re looking for some skanky shots and normally they’re ready to send you a dick pic right after. I think men ask for photos so they can show you off if you’re really hot.

    1. Lol, yes! The “something sexy” is really something nasty. The last time a guy asked for one of those, I sent a picture of my pinky toe. That didn’t go over too well. 🙂

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