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The following is a different kind of “About Me”, because I’m a different kind of blogger.

Here’s my story…

We decided to forego the traditional cycle of dating and became boyfriend and girlfriend the same night we first met.

He was quite the charmer.

Very attentive wanting to know everything he could about me and was compassionate and understanding.

But soon, I learned all of that was very short lived and  that he had a couple of other notable traits.

Extreme mood swings, PTSD, OCD, EDD, TUI, suicidal, and even homocidal tendencies, master manipulator and pathological liar.  

This nutcase not only enjoyed mixed martial arts , he jad a knack for playing with military grade knives. 

He gave me the scariest 45 days in my life, he was called Full Metal Jacket.

Laughed together, partied together, planned future endeavors and personal goals and engaged in some pretty amazing sex.  This man seemed to be the closest thing to what I really wanted, but came with smoking red flags and soon he revealed he wasn’t so put together and in fact, was quite fucked up.  He came with far too much emotional baggage that was mainly due to having settled in an unhappy marriage for far too long and oh yeah – guilt.  When I made the decision to let him go, it took a lot out of me and I felt as if I’d been bamboozled.

He still wanted to be friends once his misgivings came to light and even asked if we could remain friends;  I told him you can’t put shit back up your butt, so being friends after having bonded and been intimate is just as impossible of a feat.  Out of Sight was his name.

I was in love with him not once, but twice and the second break-up nearly broke me up.  He was my yang and we had the type of relationship that most men could only wish for.

We could talk about most anything, enjoyed some pretty fantastic sexual encounters and each time, figured our love could conquer all.  Some people go back and forth and round and round with an ex or former fling all of the time and can make it work, so I went against my own policy and tried a second round with him.

A tiger NEVER changes it’s stripes and unless some serious change or soul searching has taken place before you try it again, it will likely fail again and again and again.  Rescue has some hidden issues and is a piss poor communicator;  I used to tell him I was in a single relationship because the way he would shutdown meant he needed to e alone.

These men are just a small sample of the struggles and amazingly, my mind is still very much intact.

Welcome to My Dating Hangovers;  the dating and relationship blog giving real accounts of experiences  of how a single woman has been trying to keep her head above water in the city of Los Angeles.

For any of the men who wonder and my close friends who ask, there’s a reason why I’m single.  I have been dating off and on for several years (both off and online) and while there could certainly be some credence given to the amount of experience I have with some pretty special men, I am not an expert.    The answers to why dating is as challenging are hidden somewhere with the colonel’s KFC recipe.

Oh and if you’re  reading something here that seems vaguely familiar and could possibly be YOUR story- you’re probably right but don’t worry – the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

So with that, prepare to read, laugh, snort, shake your head, share, delete or whatever else suits your fancy.

Until there’s a cure for the hangovers,

Carmen Jones

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